YH Moisturizing Hair & Scalp Cleanser Step 1

YH Moisturizing Hair & Scalp Cleanser Step 1

Yolanda Holmes, M.D. P.C.
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All natural hair care system.


Instructions for use of YH Hair Care System

Wash using the Moisturizing Hair and Scalp Cleanser.  Massage into hair and scalp. Repeat.

Rinse well and towel dry with microfiber towel.

Spray Scalp and Follicle Clarifier on scalp.  Massage and and rinse after 3 – 5 minutes.

Apply  Moisturizer and Detangler, Curl Definer as leave in conditioner. Can also use as a deep conditioner with heat and plastic cap and rinse.

Spray Hair and Scalp Styling Protectant on natural hair daily as needed to keep hair moist.  Can also use before blow drying or setting. 

 Products will make hair stronger, shiner and help with growth.

Each bottle is 8fl oz